Suvarna Jakarta Elysian Fields

Suvarna Jakarta


  • Opened in 2020
  • Elysian Field Finishing Holes

Suvarna Jakarta Golf Club IndonesiaBlessed with an excellent location inside the city of Jakarta this entirely new 27-hole championship golf course is situated on the site of the old Halim 2 golf course. With the exception of location, the new layout shares nothing with the original 18-hole military course. The design style of Suvarna Jakarta is best described as Indonesian ‘links’. Elements such as riveted bunkers, burns (walled canals), large green complexes and highly strategic bunkering are borrowed from the historic links courses. These elements are married with the best of the Indonesian landscape including majestic trees, water in all its forms and the colorful, native landscape palette. One of Suvarna’s most striking features is the ‘Elysian Field’. The Field integrates three par 5 finishing holes into a broad landform with shared fairways, cross bunkering, meandering burns and dozens of possible lines of play.

  • Suvarna Jakarta - Hole 18 Green Course